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I Won’t Rest Until Every Dog Can

I built an Adirondack Chair for my dog to match the one I had built for myself. Made sense to me at the time…why are you laughing?  Wouldn’t youImage, if you could? Turns out, a lot of other people thought just like me! Since then I have built many varied designs and shapes and shipped my Doggie Adirondacks all over the USA and even to Austria and Switzerland. Building in a piano hinge to the backrest so it can be folded down for easier storage and transport, along with Dog Bone Paw Rests…now this is fun!


About Big Creek Mercantile

After 4 years in the Navy, I worked my way through college as a Carpenter Apprentice and earned degrees in both Architectural Engineering & Business Administration. Big Creek Mercantile is all about Handmade. Everyday. This world is full of things that make our lives easier and more enjoyable, but let's not forget that fundamental things still apply, as time goes by.

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