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The Heat Is On!

ImageAs I prepared to fry a few potatoes for breakfast this morning, I poured just a bit of oil in the fry pan. A quick review will remind you that (just 3 weeks ago) I added several of my home grown/sun dried Cayenne and Jalapeño peppers to a fresh dispenser of peanut oil. What caught my eye this morning was that the oil no longer had its transparent clarity. What I did see was a deep red hue!

Did I notice a flavor difference? No, not really. Both my tongue and lips went numb and l lost most of the feeling in my mouth. Gradually, as my sinuses (along with my tear ducts) reached a 100% level of activity, I realized I had created one of my new favorite food groups! My, Oh My! I think I’ll try it with pancakes in the morning.

Star Date: 90630.13

Star Date: 90630.13

Be comfortable while in command on Starship Earth.
When can I build one for you?

Growth Can Be Tricky

2013 will see the expansion of BCM…Plans are in the works for a bigger Workshop, an attached Store, and a small Cafe…all in one building. So, the big question is: For what role should I hire first?  Ive been reading a book the past few days as I look for insight, entitled: “How to Be The Best Receptionist”, by Levon Hold.  Interesting business theories…and obviously used by many larger companies, but Im not sure it works for me.

The year ahead has much in store, not the least of which will be “research site visits”. It’s important that I look for inspiration for both the Shop AND the Kitchen!

What should I build next?

I Won’t Rest Until Every Dog Can

I built an Adirondack Chair for my dog to match the one I had built for myself. Made sense to me at the time…why are you laughing?  Wouldn’t youImage, if you could? Turns out, a lot of other people thought just like me! Since then I have built many varied designs and shapes and shipped my Doggie Adirondacks all over the USA and even to Austria and Switzerland. Building in a piano hinge to the backrest so it can be folded down for easier storage and transport, along with Dog Bone Paw Rests…now this is fun!

I’ll Use My Own Cup, Thank You.

Dont ask me if my cup is half empty or half full. Why should I use a measuring cup built by someone else that’s twice as big as it needs to be? My cup is full, thank you! As 2012 jumps up and shouts “I’m Here”, I happily announce that I’m ready. The trail for 2012 awaits and I look forward to the adventure that lies ahead.