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  1. Hi Steve,
    I’m interested in what your 36″ plant stand would cost. What if I wanted it to hold six 6″ pots?

  2. Susan Perotto

    Hi Steve,
    I really like the Adarondack dog beds. I’m not sure of the size right now. I have a 15 pound Shitzhu. It would either be a small or medium. Also, can you paint it in three different colors? I was thinking blue, red and yellow, but not 100% sure yet. And, please give me a price on both sizes?

    • Hey there Susan,
      I’m glad you like my work and Id be happy to build one for your dog. A 15 lb Shitzhu is probably going to like the small size, but the best way to be sure is to wait until your dog is asleep and use a tape measure and see what kind of space it is taking up. When my kids were small, we had a Shitzhu named Cookie! She was black on both ends and white in the middle…looked like an Oreo…thus the name. She was 12 lbs and curled up into a ball when she slept.

      Here ais a list of my standard sizes and costs:

      Small = 16″ x 16″ cushion area @ $79.00
      Medium = 18″ x 24″ cushion area @ $139.00.
      Large = 24″ x 32″ cushion area @ $179.00.
      X-Large = 30″ x 42″ cushion area @ $249.00.

      Feel free to click on my Store Link…I have a shop on Etsy…you can see more options there.

      Painting your dog bed 3 different colors is no problem at all. Id be happy to make yours just the way you want it.
      Let me know what you think.


  3. Elizabeth Forkas

    Hi Steve,
    I’m interested in your Adirondack dog bed. I noticed some have 4 slabs on the back while others have 5. Does the size of the bed determine how many are required? and, are they all the same height?
    I would be interested in a large one (24×32); not sure of the color yet. Probably white.
    How do I order it?
    And, also, where can I find a cushion that fits that particular size?
    Time frame 3-4 weeks?

    • Hey there Elizabeth,
      Thanks for contacting me…let me try to answer all your questions.

      Generally, I try to plan on the traditional 5 slat backrest that would match most adult Adirondack chairs, but the XL dog beds generally take 6 just because of their size. Having said all that, most of the variations you see are for customers that wanted a specific variation to match their existing furniture…I just finished a food and water station for a customer with 7 slats so it would match their existing Adirondack patio furniture. No additional cost for custom.

      On average, the peak of the backrest is +12″ above the cushion platform.

      While I carry a few cushions, your best choices are at PetSmart and on Amazon. If you want something custom, I also work with two seamstress companies that will be happy to make you exactly what you want.

      The best way to order is to click on the Tab on my web page that is titled “My Store”. That will take you to my online store that is found on ETSY, which is an online craft haven of a lot of folks that build things by hand. If you haven’t discovered ETSY yet, you’ll love it! You can also simply go to: and then do a search forBig Creek Mercantile.

      I guess the thing to know…I’m happy to build your Dog Bed pretty much any shape or size you want. If you find (or have) a cushion that is a slightly different size or shape than my reference dimensions, I’m happy to adjust my work to fit your requirements at no additional charge whatsoever.

      Specific ordering: if you see something listed for sale that I have in stock at my Etsy Store location, you’ll be able to use most any charge cards or Pay Pal. If you want something more custom built, just send me another message through my Etsy Site and we can set that up too. For custom work, you don’t pay until I have it built and you like what you see.

      What kind of dog do you have?

      Let me know what you think.

  4. Hi Steve. I am interested in the large Adirondack dog bed. I also was wondering if it would be possible to have the rounded arm rests (like the orange ‘Snoopy’ bed/chair)? I also would like to know what the shipping costs would be to Barrie, Ontario, Canada L4N 7G5. Thank you for the amazing work you do! Bonnie

    • Hey there Bonnie,
      I’m glad you like my work…I’d be happy to build a dog bed for you as you’ve described. I’m about to call it a night around here, but will get you a shipping estimate tomorrow once I’ve had my morning coffee. 🙂

      What kind of dog do you have?

      • Hey there Bonnie,
        I’ve checked with FedEx and have an estimated cost of shipping a Large Dog Bed to you in Barrie, Ontario, Canada at $139.79.

        Let me know if you have any other questions…starting next week I will be taking a couple of weeks off to make a delivery up north and sneak in some vacation.


      • Thanks Steve. Enjoy your delivery and holiday. I have four dogs … two English Springer Spaniels, a Maltese and a Shih Tzu. All rescues and the only children I have! I will touch base with you once you have had your holiday. Thank you for the information.

      • Thanks Bonnie, its been a busy summer and Im actually looking forward to getting away for a few days. Im working on a new line that will soon be at my store and Im hoping to work on my idea a bit so I can present a couple of finished units. No pictures yet, but, as a hint of the direction: Why simply build a dog house when you can build a replica of the “I Love Lucy” trailer ( from her movie in the ’50’s) for your dog to sleep in! Im having way too much fun here. 🙂

        Your 4 dogs sounds like the perfect family to me!


  5. Tried sending you a happy birthday wish and you email was sent back

  6. Steve,

    One of the tree stumps in my back yard is in dire need of a troll door. The space (arch) is approx. 13″ horizontal at the bottom, 7″ horizontal at the mid-point, and 11″ tall. Could you provide me with a cost estimate? I can send you pics if you need them.



    • Dan,
      Glad you wrote…I can help. Nothing worse than a stump left bare. My troll doors are $35/each, plus shipping. I will take your dimensions and lay one out for you over the next couple of days as I work in between a couple of orders that are already underway. When I get the basic form cut I can forward you an updated photo for your approval. What do you think? Once you like what you see, I will post it on my online store for you to purchase…

      Here’s a link to my online store and what I am currently knee-deep in:

      Let me know what you think. Thanks.

      • That sounds perfect Steve! My trolls can’t thank you enough.

      • Ive set out the lumber for your troll door…should get a good start on it later this week as I complete other projects. Head over to my online store at and type my company name: Big Creek Mercantile in the search window. Once there, send me a quick message and I’ll update you with photos.


  7. Sherri Kiefner

    Hi Steve,

    I saw on your Etsy store that you are taking a break. When will you be back in business?

    I have been looking to replace my dogs’ Adirondack bed for awhile now and just now discovered you!


    • Hey there Sherri,
      Thanks for asking and checking in…I believe I should be back Up and Running by summertime. Once I am, I will be offering Free Shipping on all orders from customers that checked in with me (just as you have done) to celebrate my new Workshop, Store, and Cafe in the Nashville area!

      With both of my kids and 5 Grandkids now living and working in Nashville…it’s time for me and the Mrs to join them. Yes, we are excited!

      So tell me…what type of dog(s) do you have and what size of DogBed are you interested in? I would normally ask you for your zip code to calculate shipping costs, but…your shipping will be free…if you can wait. 🙂


        Does that mean that you are moving to the Nashville area???

      • Yes, that is correct! Soon you will be able to visit the Big Creek Mercantile “Brick and Mortar” Workshop and Store. Exact location…still under review.


        Nashville is a lot closer and I go through there a lot more. Keep me informed and I look forward to visiting.

        Hey can you give me an exact location of the family farm (Portland) so I can google it to see how close your place is to my daughter. I also have a cousin that is moving there now as well

        Also how big a farm is it (acres) and what do they grow or raise ??

      • Sherri Kiefner

        I definitely need an XL, but possibly one or two larges also.
        I have a Dobe, and 3 Pitbull mixes. The Dobe is the only one that doesn’t lie on the current adirondack dog bed. Paint is the only thing holding the old bed together. They still love it though. A tree branch broke one of the “arm” rests, too. I have been looking for a replacement and was so happy to find your site.
        I would send a picture, but I don’t think it will let me attach.

        I will be looking forward to hearing from you!

        I may not get the notice of a response so if it is not too big of a bother, please email me direct or call or text when you are up and running!

        If you send me your email, I will send a picture of current broken bed and my canine crew : )

        Thank You!
        Sherri Kiefner

  8. Hello Steve!

    Glad we found your site!

    We are interested in an Adriondack style pet bed/chair.

    It would need to be a Medium size version.

    In the photos on your site, which ones are examples of a medium size?

    As for finish, we hope it could be somewhat close to the color of our Adriondack chairs, which are made of teak and are grayish brown. (I haven’t oiled them in awhile!)

    Thank you for offering these! I hope your company is both an enjoyable and profitable venture for you!

    God bless you and yours,

    Michael and Zabrina (and Ridley, the little guy who needs his own chair!)

    • Hey there Michael and Zabrina,
      Thanks for contacting me…I’d be happy to build a new Adirondack Bed for Ridley, but there is one temporary hold-up. I have temporarily suspended my online store while I am in the middle of selling my current Shop (and house) and relocating my entire operation 200 miles East to the Nashville area. Once moved, I will open my new Workshop, Store, and Cafe in a Brick and Mortar. Everything finally under one roof!

      To see a medium Dog Bed, under the listing of dog beds, the second row on the left is a medium…natural wood stain with only 4 back panels to match the customers own chair. If you go to the tab “The Dogs of Big Creek”, in the top photo named California Dreamin’ that shows 3 dogs, the one on the right is a medium.

      I am happy to try and match any specific nuances in design and color so we can make Ridley’s look as similar to yours as possible. The best way to get a color as close as possible is to take a color sample to a Sherwin-Williams paint store and ask them to match the color as closely as possible. Once they have the paint or stain color numbers, just pass that information on to me and I’ll have it mixed here locally.

      Shipping is additional, but if you give me your zip code, I can calculate an exact cost so there are no surprises for you.

      Let me know what you think.

  9. Are you still open for dog bed business?

    • I am building a few items for local customers, but I have had to put my online store on a temporary “vacation” while I move my entire operation 200 miles east of here. Should have the online store open later this summer.

      What kind of dog do you have?

      • Hey Steve! Thanks for the super speedy response! We have two dachshunds – one standard, one miniature. Due to their super long bodies we would like a large bed. Please let us know once your store has resumed as we are super excited about your work – can’t wait!

      • Hey there Connor,
        You bet…I’ll let you know just as soon as I am back open. As a bonus for those who have patiently waited, I will be giving a 50% discount on shipping costs!

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