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Troll Doors

I’m a Swede and I love my Workshop. Do you think I work alone? During the day, sure…I’m here all by myself. But, at night…”They” come to help! Who are “They”? Trolls. Have you made provisions for Trolls and Gnomes? How do you provide for the Tooth Fairy? Even my Grandsons know that the Tooth Fairy is small and that they need a doorway. They couldnt imagine sleeping in their bedroom without a door for the Tooth Fairy! How did your garden do this year…not so good? I bet you don’t have a Troll Door over by the tomatoes or gooseberries do you! There’s your problem…your garden is not complete! I build a variety of Troll Doors in a variety of shapes, heights, and sizes…some of my Troll Doors have windows, some have “stone paint” for the rocky areas of the yard, some are round for my Hobbit friends, while others have a variety of door hardware. Just specify which one you like best and it’s yours. Have a design in mind and you dont see it here? Send me a message with your ideas and I’ll be happy to build it for you. I custom build each door by hand so let me know your design preferences and I’ll get started.

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