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Swedish Plant Stands

Your terra cotta pots seem suspended in the air yet each one can be quickly removed or replaced, or the whole stand easily taken from indoors to outdoors and back again because of my Swedish family heritage design.  At home, I use one stand for fresh herbs for my kitchen, while I use another to grow tomato plants in my sunroom.

The Vertical Stands shown are 18″, 24″ and 36″ tall.  I build a variety of heights of  plant stands so you will be able to place them under (or near) existing shelves, overhangs, and furniture. If you have a specific height requirement, let me know…custom heights are not a problem. All hand cut. All solid wood.
 Don’t see one for sale in my Store? Drop me a note… I’ll build one for you!

The 18″ stand is holding four-4″ pots and one-6″ pot. The 24″ stand and the 36″ stand are each holding five-6″ pots. It’s time to plant your vertical garden!

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