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It’s a Dog’s Life!

Doggie Adirondack

Building them in all shapes and sizes, I include Dog Bone shaped Paw Rests at no additional charge. They also feature my hinged backrests that fold down for storage or transport. 2 steel pins lock it in the upright position. Fully assembled and ready for use when it arrives! Need it shipped across the country? I have shipped my Doggie Adirondacks throughout the USA and even overseas to Austria and Switzerland. What color, shape, and size would you like? Need a custom design? Sure, just ask!


Classic Dog Bed







Food and Water Station

Whether you need a single bowl just for your Dog’s water station outside,
or you need a 2 or 3 bowl combination for food and water for multiple pets,
I build matching sets to go with your new Doggie Adirondack. Visit “My Store”
for the latest offers and descriptions.

IMG_3071 IMG_3065 IMG_3063

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