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Food and Water Station

IMG_3063 IMG_3071Made to match my Adirondack Pet Beds and Outdoor Furniture,
a Food and Water Station for your Dog is perfect!
Complete with Dog Bone shaped side rests to match the Dog Bed,
fully assembled and ready for use when it arrives.

Adirondack Pet Bed Sold Separately.

My Medium size 2-bowl Food and Water Station includes:
two – 60 ounce stainless steel bowls that measures 30″ wide and 13″ deep. It has the bowl platform 4″ off the floor and the backrest rises 14″ off the floor.

Small = Two – 1 quart bowls: $59.00
Medium = Two – 2 quart bowls: $79.00
Large = Two – 3 quart bowls: $99.00

I also build 3-Bowl Food and Water Stations.


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