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The Workshop

As a carpenter, I built my first chair just for a place to relax and watch the sunset.
As neighbors would stop by, they’d ask me to build one for them…then 2. Then 10!
Since I build everything in my own shop…I decided to get busy!

My company is named after the logging and saw mill company owned and operated by my Dad and my Uncles…Big Creek Lumber Company.

What’s it like at BCM?   Life, simply put:

Be ready to be surprised by Today’s Events

Choose to Enjoy Today more than Yesterday

Make Plans for Your next Adventure

While furniture for Dogs and Kids are my most popular creations,
People say…”If You Can Think It, He Can Probably Build It.”
How about a Mailbox that looks like your house?
A 3-story Birdhouse with a Web Cam?
Want to raise chickens? You’ll need a Coop!
Maybe all you need is some friendly advice on how to finish a DIY project.
Let’s make some sawdust!