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Canine Camper

It’s Not JUST a Doghouse… 

People call it a “Winnebarko”



– OR  Traditional Wheels –


features include:

  •  Cell Phone Window Stand for your repurposed old Smart Phone/Camera*
  •  L.E.D. Perimeter Roof Lighting  (battery operated)
  •  Decorative Bird House (contains lighting controls)
  •  Dog Bone Shaped Bumper w/YOUR Dog’s Name
  •  “Puppy On Board” Sign near the Rear Bumper
  •  Stainless Steel Food and Water Bowls
  •  Handmade Curtains in each Window
  •  Window Box with Flowers
  •  Kennel Door (optional)

The Canine Camper/Small has approximate exterior overall dimensions of 42″ long x 22″ tall x 20″ wide with an approximate interior cabin area of 18″ x 30″.  It also features a food court with two stainless steel bowls.

In addition, I provide a cell phone stand so you can repurpose your old smart phone that is sitting idle in your desk drawer. Utilizing the Free *PRESENCE App, use it to keep an eye on your pet OR, you can use it as a security camera when you are away from home.

L.E.D. Lights run along the roof perimeter and have thier controls located in the birdhouse. The Dog Bone Shaped Rear Bumper is customized with Your Dog’s Name and a “Puppy on Board” sign is nearby!

– Two-way audio and video
– Full-screen video streaming


Classic. Tiny House. Land of OZ.


X-SMALL CANINE CAMPER cabin area 18″ x 18″: $479.00

SMALL CANINE CAMPER cabin area 18″ x 30″:  $579.00

MEDIUM CANINE CAMPER cabin area 30″ x 36″:  $779.00

LARGE CANINE CAMPER cabin area 36″ x 48″:  $979.00


Visit My ETSY STORE for more photos and options!


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  1. Hi- I am interested in having a doghouse made-I have ideas what I would like & looking for someone to build.

  2. I have 3 small shih tzu dogs will they fit in the large camper trailer.

    • Hey there Jack,
      The Blue and White one that you see is actually a medium size and is 5’-6” in total length. 3 Shih tzu’s would be quite comfortable with it… I used to have a Shih Tzu named cookie!

      Save $200.00 if you want to pick it up instead of having it shipped. Merry Christmas!

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  4. Do you sell the plans/blueprints for these?

  5. How do I order from you? I have a small dog having a bday in Nov

    • I will have my online store on “vacation” until early April… trying to catch up on projects. I’ve been averaging over 1,200 visitors to the store per day!

      Once I’m back online, I’ll be happy to take your order through my Etsy Store.

      What kind of dog do you have? Did you want to order a small ?

      If you like, you can reach me directly at:

      Thank you!

  6. We’re interested! 45 lb Australian Cattle dog. Thinking large or bigger. Please offer yo any info.

  7. Worried about ventilation. Gets hot at the camp ground!

  8. Where can I see the three models? Where are you located? We love traveling in our RV with our two fur babies. They love traveling too. I would like to see the product. I just don’t think my dogs would fit comfortably. Both are about 25 pounds. I love the idea, but I have to be able to see something this expensive.

  9. Hello!! We have a golden cream retriever and 2 basset hounds. The camper would be put in our back yard to add to their yard. Would the large be big enough for our golden? We are not looking for them all to fit at once just to be big enough for who ever wants to use it. Also who do you ship with? We are in Fargo ND and will it make it threw our winters?

    • Hey there Dottie!
      Speaking for myself (who lives in Tennessee and wishes I lived in Florida), I don’t know how anything makes it through winter in Fargo! 🙂

      I build all my campers, kennels, and dog beds with solid wood, painted with exterior house paint and any caulking is exterior 40 yr sealant. Having said that, I would treat any of creations more like patio furniture, or tools… take care of your purchase.

      Shipping of the larger Campers can be expensive…FedEx or Ground transport trucks are most commonly used.


      • Hello Steve!! Yes our winters are brutal lol. My husband works for FedEx. Freight so that would be perfect!! How about the size? Oliver is 6 months now and around 60 pds expecting 100 pounder. My bassets well they are short and 65-70 pounds.

      • Hey there Dottie!
        We had a low of 18° this morning…should reach 50° later today…can’t imagine a real winter like you’re having!

        Imagine a unit in the range of 3’x6’. In addition to Campers, I also build “Tiny House” designs (I appeared on Tiny House Nation TV a couple of years ago), or a Western Sheriff’s Office or Cantina!

        I haven’t been able to attach photos to this text… please drop me a note via my email
        and I’ll forward you a few photos. Thanks!


  10. Hello these dog campers are beautiful I would like to order one for my dog Ricky 😊😊😊

  11. I would like a large camper dog house with the kennel doors on

  12. how much are these canine campers i have a jack russel beagle that weighs 17 pounds

    • Hey there Sue!
      My Canine Campers average $300-$600, depending on size, etc. Shipping costs vary from $50 delivery fee to $400 freight…again, based on size, weight, and distance.

      I am located near Nashville, TN…what part of the country are you in?

      Steve Johnson
      BigCreekMercantile@gmail. Com

  13. Do u ship to Canada and for how much

    • Hey there Belinda!

      I have shipped many things to Canada, but the larger the item, the cost seems to be nearly crippling. I’ve had people interested in meeting in the USA to take delivery.

      Cost is purely based on size, weight, and destination. Where in Canada are you located? What size Canine Camper are you interested in?

      Steve Johnson

  14. Do you guys have a Facebook page?

    • Hey there Colleen!

      It’s not guys…it’s just me, Steve Johnson, a Carpenter that loves to build things with wood and imagination.

      I used to have a Facebook page but I deleted it more than 2 years ago now…I grew weary of Social Media and the time it would divert from my time in the workshop. For what it’s worth, I do have a limited presence on Twitter:

      I maintain my website and have an online store on Etsy (which is temporarily on Vacation until early April) that attracts over 30,000 visitors from 86 countries each year.

      I live a quiet life on 7 acres in Tennessee with a garden, a few chickens, and a 4,000 sq/ft workshop…and I look forward to building whatever you may need.


  15. I am trying to shelter feral cats. My condo has fined me for feeding feral cats. I can’t stop and am trying to find something to shelter them that doesn’t look like a cat house. This might work !How much does a large camper cost and what are they made out of? I don’t need all the gadgets. Thanks for your help

  16. I’m sooo interested, we have a lake place . Is there a way to order

    • Hey there Emily!
      Good news…Yes, there is a way to order!

      I’ve had my online store on “Vacation Mode” so I can get caught up on my projects around the workshop and was caught off guard by the magazine feature about me and my work.

      I plan to bring my Store back online before mid-April. In the mean time, I’ll be happy to get your project in process!

      Please reach out to me through my direct email and I’ll be able to attach photos for you to review and be more thorough. Reach me at:

      What kind of dog do you have and where is your lake property located?

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Steve Johnson

  17. How big is the large?

    • Hey there Mary!

      On average, the Large has a cushion area of 32”x48”, but I’m happy to adjust those dimensions if your dog has a favorite bed that’s a different size.

      I build all my Doggie Adirondacks, Western Sheriff’s Office Kennels, and Canine Campers by hand, custom, for each animals (and their owners) needs.

  18. im interested what are your places?!

  19. Shellie Robinson

    Where’s the choices for cats!? These are fantastic and my cats need one!

    • Hey there Shellie!
      Yea, I get that a lot! 🙂
      About 20% of my projects are for cats…what can I build for you?

      I’ve been puttering with a cat VW van that’s about 2’ long, 9” wide and 12” tall, with an open sunroof (for the cat to crawl out thru…beside the side door). Fully carpeted inside.

      Something like that?

      Steve Johnson

  20. What a great idea! I have a website that is designed for RVers and I would love to write about this!

    Please feel free to e-mail me at

  21. Please email me! I’m interested!
    Thanks Jill

  22. Carrie C Henderson

    I would like to have a camper bill for my yorkie I would like to know how much it will cost and if I could see pictures and how much is the shipping

  23. Could you send me some pictures of the 3 Models of Canine Campers:
    Classic. The Old West. Wizard of Oz.?

    I have a shih-poo and she would love something like this! She is about 18 pounds.

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  25. Hello – do you ship to Australia. If so…how much extra would it cost ?
    Thank You

    • Hey there Kris,
      While I’ve had a lot of fans of my work in Australia over the years, I have not shipped any of my larger creations there…the cost has been prohibitive. Are you interested in a Canine Camper or Tiny House, or perhaps one of my Doggie Adirondacks? I have shipped the Doggie Adirondacks (pretty much) all over the world.


  26. SHIRLEY LOUISE Filkins

    I am interested in having a large camper built

  27. SHIRLEY LOUISE Filkins

    I am interested in having a large camper built. How is it shipped?

    • Hey there Shirley,
      Depending on your location, I use either a delivery service (within a few hundred miles of Tennessee) or I ship via FedEx. It’s not uncommon for customers to save shipping expenses and pick them up. Where are you located?


  28. SHIRLEY LOUISE Filkins

    New York Southern Tier small town called Bath. How much to ship and do you have a phone number?

  29. Kearstin Willis

    What is the large camper price for pickup?

    • 3 MODELS:
      Classic. Tiny House. Land of OZ.

      X-SMALL CANINE CAMPER cabin area 18″ x 18″: $479.00
      SMALL CANINE CAMPER cabin area 18″ x 30″: $579.00
      MEDIUM CANINE CAMPER cabin area 30″ x 36″: $779.00
      LARGE CANINE CAMPER cabin area 36″ x 48″: $979.00

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