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Canine Campers

A Doghouse?    …People call them a Winnebarko!


Inspired by the Movie “The Long, Long Trailer”, features include:

 * WiFi Security Camera in the Trailer Window using your re-purposed old Smart Phone (iOS or Android) and viewable on your home computer, tablet, or smart phone using a Free App!

* Battery Operated L.E.D. Perimeter Roof Lighting
* Dog Bone Shaped Rear Bumper with Your Dog’s Name
* 2 – Stainless Steel Food and Water Bowls
* Handmade Curtains in all 3 windows
* Framed Artwork inside the Cabin

The SMALL TRAILER is painted White with Orange Crush Stripes and highlighted with a Disney Glitter Paint overcoat. With overall outside dimensions of 28″ long x 18″ tall x 20″ deep and an interior sleeping area of 16″ x 18″, it also has your pets very own Food Court with 2-one Pint Stainless Steel Bowls.

The MEDIUM TRAILER is painted White with Yellow Stripes. With overall outside dimensions of 34″ long x 23″ tall x 20″ deep and an interior sleeping area of 20″ x 24″, it also features your pets very own food court with two-1qt. stainless steel bowls.

I have also installed a universal phone mount and a power cord so you can repurpose that old smart phone that is sitting idle in your desk drawer. Use it to keep an eye on your pets or as a home security camera when you are away utilizing the Free *PRESENCE App.  **See features listed below.

L.E.D. Lights that run along the roof perimeter & down the back are controlled, along with the Smart Phone Camera connections, through a secret compartment that is only accessible by removing the rear bumper. The Dog Bone Shaped Rear Bumper, customized with Your Dog’s Name, is held in place by magnets.

– Two-way audio and video
– High-quality audio recording
– Full-screen tablet video streaming
– Multiple simultaneous viewers
– Superfast Presence camera connect
– Flashlight control for night viewing
– Automatic camera reconnect
– Intelligent firewall detection

SMALL Dog Trailer:  $479.00

MEDIUM Dog Trailer:  $579.00

LARGE Dog Trailer:  $879.00

3 Models:
Classic.   The Old West.   Wizard of Oz.


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  1. Hi- I am interested in having a doghouse made-I have ideas what I would like & looking for someone to build.


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