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The Heat Is On!

ImageAs I prepared to fry a few potatoes for breakfast this morning, I poured just a bit of oil in the fry pan. A quick review will remind you that (just 3 weeks ago) I added several of my home grown/sun dried Cayenne and Jalapeño peppers to a fresh dispenser of peanut oil. What caught my eye this morning was that the oil no longer had its transparent clarity. What I did see was a deep red hue!

Did I notice a flavor difference? No, not really. Both my tongue and lips went numb and l lost most of the feeling in my mouth. Gradually, as my sinuses (along with my tear ducts) reached a 100% level of activity, I realized I had created one of my new favorite food groups! My, Oh My! I think I’ll try it with pancakes in the morning.


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After 4 years in the Navy, I worked my way through college as a Carpenter Apprentice and earned degrees in both Architectural Engineering & Business Administration. Big Creek Mercantile is all about Handmade. Everyday. This world is full of things that make our lives easier and more enjoyable, but let's not forget that fundamental things still apply, as time goes by.

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